Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Microsoft Kinect for Windows motion sensor launched for Rs.19,990

With the Xbox 360 gaining popularity amongst most gaming fans around the world, Microsoft has now launched the Kinect for Windows Motion sensor, with a price tag of Rs. 19,990. Most user-friendly to gauge user motions on motion based games of the Xbox, this device is a much needed add-on peripheral that will make the existing gaming experience to another level.

The Kinect for Windows sensor helps interact with a PC or the Xbox, through features like face tracking, speech enhancing, skeletal tracking, and seat mode tracking. Other than the gamer, the developers can also have a field day, as using creativity will certainly help them with new creations, and more advanced gaming modules. Applications built on C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 run without a hitch, and there is a developer kit (Software Development kit) to help as well.