Friday, February 5, 2010

Summer Hill (Important Places in Summer Hill)

Important Places in Summer Hill

š Anadale
Anadale is a 5 Km far Summer Hill. It is surrounded by hills, museum maintained by Army. There is very beautifully meeting hall. There is a very beautifully Golf Cores. There are many gardens, artillery-gun, Green House, many types of cactus, Some Bonsai, some ground covers, some tree houses. It is a very good place for an outing.

š Institute or advance studies
Institute or advance study is a very good place for seeing that how King & Queen live. You can go in the building. There is a café; some secrete ways for the King & Queen, very big gardens. There are many very old Trees there is a sundial. You can enjoy a lot there.

š Potter hill
Potter Hill is a very calm place. There is a parking lot there you can play, there 1 or 2 car only, because nobody knows about potter hill. There is a Big 3 storied Tree house (made of cement). There is a very big playground, a camping house. There is buffet. You can do some fun activities like Rock chiming, Rope balancing etc. There are also some Tree houses, long roads for walking. Potter hill is best for walking & playing.